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John Hadfield

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“Joining the work force in 1968, I spent the traditional training years working in sign manufacturing businesses until I finished my training and completed an apprenticeship.” “Looking for new challenges, I started my business in March 1972 and opened Hadfield Sign Co. The business grew rapidly and for many years we answered all the usual challenges such as expediential growth, financial growth issues, work place training and planning difficulties.”

A quick snap shot about John Hadfield will assist you to understand our philosophy and the KiM way of looking at business systems.
“A consultant borrows your watch and then tells you the time!”

Sometimes maybe that is all you need?

Joining the work force in 1968, John spent the traditional training years working in various sign manufacturing business until finishing his first business training, completing an apprenticeship.
Looking for new challenges John embarked on a sole trader business, Hadfield Signs, in March 1972.  Growing the business rapidly for many years meant answering all the usual challenges….. Expediential growth, financial growth issues, work place training and planning difficulties!!!

More training through training institutions and having the benefit of being mentored by leading industry professionals allowed John to accrue the knowledge he yearned for.

Professional memberships to SAA, SGIAA, ME&SA, NSCA to name a few, allowed board member experiences and business insights shared by few.  After a few years as National Chairman of the Sign Association of Australia he looked back to his core business and with his wife decided their future needed to be crystal clear!

Setting up Letter & Sign Systems in Melbourne 1986, then in Sydney in 1987, this sign supply business traded successfully until it was sold to Vogel’s in 1993.  He decided his core competencies were better used in a core knowledge base…. Manufacturing.

John had experiences in running a medium sized manufacturing business employing around 25 staff, being actively involved in a Sydney and Melbourne based supply based business.
But, what is this all about? He asked……

So since 1993 John set about the challenges of building, directing and managing a focused profit centre working with set ideals.

Quality Assurance to ISO 9002 followed.  Which included integration of specific custom build software to manage the production processes.

The core business “ Hadfield Sign Co “ was sold to another leading sign manufacturer in Sydney in 2001 and is still trading successfully.

While reviewing methods and practices at Hadfield Sign Co many developments and concepts lead to accreditation to the Australian Technology Showcase.  The first of two products “Sign One Sign Systems”. and

In 2000 Sign One was sold to an International company and John took the role of International Manager of Sign Products, travelling the world for two years gaining knowledge and skills while marketing and training sales staff and users of the product range.  A wonderful and educational experience.

John takes a hands on approach, and guides you to discover your needs and desires.  Using some tools developed , accrued and purchased along the way, he will build your skills to assist you to make your OWN decisions based on assessing your best options.

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